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The Brain Zone Reading and Learning Center
4053 Bayberry Drive
Chino Hills, CA 91709
(909) 606-4863
Contact: Donna E. Rutherford


At the Brain Zone we believe learning doesn't have to be so hard!

We offer Reading Therapy for the new and struggling reader using the Phono-Graphix Reading® method. As well, we offer Private Tutoring and Homework assistance for Grades K-12.

All learning sessions are combined with basic brain integration techniques to teach the child to turn on both sides of their brain. Our Brainy Zainy Gymnastics program uses the science of movement to return learning to the joyful and exciting process it was intended to be.

Certified Reading Therapist,
Developmental Learning Specialist



Categories: School/Day Care/Instruction, Home Based
Data Verified: 9/30/2006
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