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World Wrapps
Peyton Dr.
Chino Hills. CA 91709
(909) 465-9940
FAX: (909) 465-9929
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World Wrapps began as a community-based, small business and we remain true to that core today. We are active in the communities in which we operate, by giving back to local non-profit organizations, schools, and neighborhood organizations, especially those that promote health and wellness and support our children. World Wrapps restaurants are a fun, hip place to grab a bite to eat on the run, or sit down and enjoy a quality meal. Above all else, our goal is to consistently deliver the highest quality food and best service possible to our loyal customers, and continue to give our guests a delicious, healthy alternative to traditional fast food.

We at World Wrapps know what a challenge it can be to find healthy alternatives to fast food for your children, that they will actually like to eat! That's why we're proud to introduce our new Kid's Meals and Kid's Activities. Our kid's meals come with a kid's wrapp or bowl, small bag of tortilla chips and soda, juice or milk in a small-sized cup that's perfect for little hands. Or you can add a Kid's smoothie to your meal for a little more.



Categories: Sandwich Shop, Fast-Food
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